Great SR Aboriginal Authors &/or Illustrators

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the book cover for abc dreaming with an image of colorful fish and seahorses
the book cover for mad magpie by george dreisse with an image of a bird in flight
Childhood, Childhood Books, Jolly, Pirate Maths
the book cover for i remember, with two children standing in front of a lake
War, Alfred, Anzac Day, Lesson, Anzac, Aussies, Aussie
a book cover for little bird's day with an illustration of a bird on a tree branch
an illustrated book cover for baby business with two black women holding each other in their arms
the cover of going to the footy by debbie coombes, illustrated by
the cover of an illustrated children's book, awesome emu
the book emus under the bed by leann j edwards
Koori Curriculum
the book cover for cheeky animals by shane morgan, with an image of kangaroos and kangaroos
animals in my garden by browny houston
the book cover for at the zoo i see