Picture Books for Older Readers

Books, written at a simple level, that have content that appeals to teenagers or adults. Goes with blog post…
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an orange book cover with the title'took the children away '
Took the Children Away by Archie Roach
Jennifer Jones, Jennifer, Leave Me, Leave Me Alone, Early Readers, Jones, Love Poems, Great Books
Jennifer Jones Won’t Leave Me Alone by Frieda Wishinsky and Neal Layton
the cover of sebastian lives in a hat
Sebastian Lives in a Hat by Thelma Catterwell and Kerry Argent
star wars are you scared, darth vader? by adam r rox
Are You Scared Darth Vader? By Adam Rex
two cats are sitting next to each other with caption that says have you seen my cat?
Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle
White background with the title and authors name written across the top of the cover in thin black text. Beneath this text are three cats - one large grey cat, one orange stripey tabby cat sat up but facing away from the reader looking at the grey cat behind, and next to the tabby is an orange, white and grey cat facing the reader.
the book cover for i need a hug by aaron blabey is shown with an image of a hedgehog
I Need a Hug by Aaron Blabey
i got this hat children's book cover
I Got This Hat by Jol and Kate Temple
a children's book about mike i don't like written in black and white
Mike I Don’t Like by Joel and Kate Temple
there is a book about two men in a boat
Herbert and Harry by Pamela Allen
Front cover of the picture book shows a red wooden rowing boat in the ocean, with two brothers in the boat working together to pull a fishing net from the ocean.
blue and other colours with henni matissee first concepts with fine artist's
Blue and Other Colours with Henri Matisse
White background with blue lettering for “Blue & Other” across the top, “colours” written in large bright multicoloured letters across the page and “with Henri Matisse” written in smaller black lettering. Beneath the title is a multicoloured Matisse print.
the cover of frida's book, yuyii mohales vivaa
Viva Frida
Image is of the book’s front cover. The background fades from very pale green at the top to dark green at the bottom of the cover. The word VIVA is written in bright pink upper case letters surrounded by bright pink flowers. In the middle of the cover a doll is dressed to look like Frida Kahlo, with flowers on her head, a red necklace, yellow blouse with black short sleeves, and a full black skirt. She is holding paintbrushes and the word Frida is painted across her skirt in blue letters.
a book with a red heart on it and the words my art book of love
My Art Book of Love by Shana Gozansky
Image shows front cover of the book. The background is yellow and taking up the middle and top two thirds is a bold red love heart balancing on a white shape that looks like a basket hanging below a love heart shaped hot air balloon. On the white basket the title of the book is written in red capital letters, with the last word of the title - LOVE - printed in larger letters below the other words of the title.
One, How To Wear, Appealing
No One Wears a Kilt