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Heartless Sweetheart

relationship tips :) - like the meanings but not the dumb warning thing at the bottom ....

I don't like these but I still repost. Just in case. Fandoms Unite, Magcon, Just Do It, Just In Case, Choses Cool, Teen Posts, Pusheen, Funny Shit, Funny Stuff

THIS IS WHAT EVERY OTAKU WANTS. Crush= Shoujo irl Good Luck= More seasons of an anime you love.

 Don't you believe this or even THINK of reposting this in fear of what will happen to you! God loves you and nobody can say this will not happen. Please, don't repost this in order to save what people think of God and his believers Just In Case, Just For You, Gods Love, My Love, Religion, Gods Not Dead, Believe, Humanity Restored, God Loves Me

i really hope this happens. I dont think it will but hey, a girl can hope