wood to ground detail | Poas Volcano Lodge, Costa Rica / Carazo Architects

Poas Volcano Lodge / Carazo Architects

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Residence Villa Noi in Thailand, by  Duangrit Bunnag

Residence Villa Noi by Duangrit Bunnag Architect is situated in the Phang Nga bay of Thailand and is designed to accommodate the pine trees of the surrounding forest in its interior.

Designer Robert Gaukroger has completed three wooden classrooms on stilts in a forest clearing in the Lake District, UK.

Forest School 22 Re cycled and Low impact Architecture : Preparatory School in UK

HPSA perches house S on stilts as lookout over austrian mountains - designboom | architecture & design magazine

HPSA created ‘House S’. The whole building is based on pillars so that the natural terrain remained almost untouched… Via

Great Ocean Road House by ITN Architects is raised on stilts to maximise ocean views

Great Ocean Road House by ITN Architects<br /> is raised on stilts to maximise ocean views