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an image of a woman and a cat in the background with text that reads legend crittes
Just me
Just me
a woman walking next to a white horse
Imágenes para Novelas Vol.2
Segunda parte del libro Imágenes para Novelas donde podrás encontrar:… #noficción # No Ficción # amreading # books # wattpad
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse
Lysandher cover idea by nfouque on DeviantArt
an illustration of a white creature with horns on it's head flying through the air
Herald of the Forgotten , Antonio J. Manzanedo
two birds flying through the air with clouds in the background and one bird on its back
Sky Dance by Innali on DeviantArt
Grifos comunes
an eagle with feathers on it's head and the moon in the back ground
Tenshi by Aviaku on DeviantArt
two animals with wings on their backs walking in the water near another animal's body
an artistic painting of a white bird flying in the sky with its wings spread out
.:Sky Dance:. by Aviaku on DeviantArt
What if you had a dragon as a parent? Another drawing of Tenshi and yes, this is a much better representation of how big Tenshi is xD I might do some art of Viron next, since I feel like I hav...
the horse is standing on its hind legs and it's body turned to look like an
buckskin+saddle_ by Notesz on DeviantArt
buckskin+saddle_ by Notesz
Roberto Robert | Concept Art World Art, Concept Art, Sci Fi Art, Concept Art World, Fantasy Concept Art, Fantasy Landscape
Roberto Robert | Concept Art World
Roberto Robert | Concept Art World
a watercolor drawing of a dragon on a rock
watercolor dragon 4 by sandara on DeviantArt
... the scanner is still terrible. From photo : Also, I tried to take photos to record a step-by-step, but I failed... I'm sorry, person who asked for the wip... I'll try again next time.
an owl with yellow eyes is standing in front of another owl that has its wings spread
Mountain Gryphon by CharReed on DeviantArt
NOW AVAILABLE AS A DeviantArt PRINT! Read more about this species of gryphon at the Bestiary: All Gryphons Great and Small! Don't forget to follow AllGryphons on Twitter for exclusive updates, prin...
Gryphon and knight. Art by Jennifer L Meyer. Knight Art, Gryphon Tattoo, Griffin Tattoo
JLMeyer on Twitter
Gryphon and knight. Art by Jennifer L Meyer.