More reason for non-traditional curriculum in ECE; Its NOT inquiry if....

Inquiry and curriculum always a challenge. but true inquiry will exceed the curriculum. STEM Mom: What Inquiry is NOT

"Like" this resource for a discountLike this resource? Tell your friends by using the social media icons and a discount will be applied to your purchase at checkout. Share This poster is designed to make life a bit easier for early education teachers when trying to link learning stories and observations to theorists. It is …

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6 Open Ended Questions To Ask During Play | Imprints From Tricia

Imprints From Tricia : 6 Open Ended Questions To Ask During Play. Great ideas of open-ended questions that can give the CCLS good insight into what the child is thinking.

The 6 Education Theorists All Teachers Should Know present 6 people that did some of the major research in education.

6 Education Theorists All Teachers Should Know These are still the only theories trainee teachers hear about: some still good, but others, such as Multiple Intelligences are out of date and have no scientific basis.

Documentation is not pretty pictures of engaged children. Rather, it captures the thinking process: What motivated [students] to begin, continue, change direction? What were the breakthroughs, the pivotal remarks or actions? How did they solve the problem? The goal is to enable whoever reads a panel to understand what the child attempted and how they went about it, to see stimulus, process, and outcome. -A. Lewin-Benham

MacDonald, EGallery Winter 2008 A connected Education: The Reggio Emilia Approach to ECE - article

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Inquiring About Insects

The kids decided they wanted to learn specifically about ladybugs, spiders, butterflies and bees. After finding out what they knew and won.

Documenting learning is essential for children and parents. It is part of the learning and also part of your marketing strategy

The Three Elements of the Documentation Process – Moving beyond Display to Interpretation

Observation, documentation-make learning visible, interpretstion The Three Elements of the Documentation Process– Moving beyond Display to Interpretation