Australian Money - Coins

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Australian Money - Notes

Australian Money - Notes Take an animated journey on the Australian Notes Train and learn all the faces that appear on both sides of the notes.

Australian Coins Lesson 1

This video is a lesson for students on recognising the characteristics and value of Australian coins. The song and video were created by Kelly Simms

The Story of Money

History of Money - as part of the education series by GeoBeats. What has a head and a tail, but no legs? The answer to this riddle is "a coin.

Royal Australian Mint Tour  - Behind the News

Have you ever stopped to think where our Australian coins come from? Emma takes you on a tour of the Royal Australian Mint. From Titan the tonne robot to.

Counting collections of Australian coins

Counting collections of Australian coins

Australian Money and Simple Addition

Australian coins and notes. Australian money and simple addition using decimal notation.

Getting Change

This animation about calculating money is relevant to students all over the world! We've aligned it not only to the Australian Curriculum and ACMNA.