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Periwinkle hydrangea- my favorite hue of my favorite flower! When in doubt use hydrangeas.

Australian habitat garden ("Gaia's Garden" at City Beach, WA)

Australian habitat garden ("Gaia's Garden" at City Beach, WA) Pink Everlasting daisies & mass plantings of Kangaroo Paws

Meaning of the Dogwood tree Blooms are white that represent Purity and Love ad sacrifice that Jesus was crucified for you and me and the red represents Jesus blood that was shed for our sins at the Cross. What a lovely way that nature shows us everyday Jesus Love for us. I am blessed to have a Grandmother that shared this with me as a child. Now she is in heaven with Jesus. I love you Mary Waldrop. Thank you Jesus for dying on the Cross for my transgressions♥

Dogwood tree, a cross and the blood of Christ on the flower. After the crucifixion the dogwood tree changed from a strong sturdy tree like the oak into the scrawny twisted tree of today.that way it would never be used for crucifixion again.