Sri Lankan Prawn Curry

One of the best Sri Lankan curry, I love to cook any day. It's not only delicious but also very easy to cook & use day to day Sri Lankan cooking ingredients. Coconut milk gives the rich texture & taste to the curry. Great with rice or with bread.

Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets

Sri lankan Fish cutlet 2 Medium Potatoes (cut in to pieces) 2 Can Tuna 1 Red…

Breadfruit Curry (Del Maluwa)

Breadfruit Curry (Del Maluwa) recipe is a vegetarian friendly curry loved by Sri Lankans and a popular delicacy in South East Asia.

Sri Lankan Dried Sprats Stir Fry (Haal Masso Thel Dhala)

A true taste from one of the fruits of the ocean & a signature Sri Lankan delicacy. Its unique taste is second to none in any form of Sprats dishes anywhere in the world. You can also replace Sprats with dried anchovies or dried Shrimps.

Red Fish Curry (Miris Malu)

Sri Lankan Red Fish Curry (Miris Malu) recipe - Bursting with spicy flavours, try this spicy traditional Sri Lankan fish curry with steamed rice or warm garlic bread.

Sri Lankan Eggplant Pickle (Wambatu Moju)

One of the most celebrated classic Sri Lankan dish. There are few regional variations of cooking methods for this lovely side dish.

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

This is my answer to "what's your favourite chicken curry? Sri Lankan curries are well known for their bright colours, spicy aroma, vibrant flavours & best.

Sri Lankan Fish Curry (Malu Hodhi)

The best fish curry from the Island nation, you can use virtually any fish for this curry. My favourite is tuna or salmon. Traditionally served with rice & it's also nice with loaf or garlic bread.

Creme Caramel

Everyone in my family agrees only on one dessert, it’s one & only creme caramel. This is an excellent party dessert, also a wonderful everyd

Sri Lankan Mutton Curry (Elu Mas Curry / එලු මස් කරි)

It's a proper hearty & comforting curry fit for any occasion. Sri Lankan mutton curry comes in few different versions & this reduced curry recipe is my favourite. This mutton curry nicely goes with steamed rice also brilliant with toasted garlic bread.

Sri Lankan Lentil Curry (Parippu Hodhi)

Most loved if not most popular staple dish in Sri Lanka. Ideal for vegetarians, vegans & loved by non vegetarians too. So easy to cook & taste fantastic with steam rice.

Sri lankan Spicy Chicken Coconut Curry

This was delicious and spicy. A nice recipe to substitue with Sunday roast with steam rice.

Coconut Sambol (Pol Sambola)

COCONUT SAMBOL (Pol Sambola) RECIPE is one of the most loved dishes in the Island. It's an excellent side dish with rice, string hoppers or any bread. Spicy ingredients & milky taste from coconut gives this dish a unique and wonderful taste.