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If the video is in 3D: To change any of the settings, click on the gear wheel. Lower right. To watch without 3D glasses: Select "Options", then from the lower menu select "No glasses". Bring the two white dots together with your eyes and watch the centre image in 3D To watch in 2D, from the higher menu select "Left only". Click on the gear wheel to return to the video.
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Brakeboard Medium Speed Downhill

Here's a "medium Speed" run with my Brakeboard trucks. i need too tuck more i know. I was going to wo.

Top Geek entry 2012

Top Geek entry 2012

Car fire in 2D and 3D

Magnesium fueled car fire in our parking lot. A quick thinking employee (not necessarily a smart move) ran a GoPro into a close vantage point before the poli.