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ok no but if the show host said that or anyone else besides Chris' fellow cast members from any movie, he wouldn't be laughing. Chris trusts RDJ so much with his anxiety and it's truly a beautiful thing

I hope not, I hope Chis finds that one women who takes his breath away, the one who challenges him and makes him even better than he ever imagined. I hope he finds his twin flame.

That's rich coming from you Tom.

Snakes aren’t monsters u less you convince them to be monsters - spiders are just freaky as hell

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I just like how RDJ comes up and smacks one on his cheek and Seb doesn't care, he just keeps talking. I mean, is this like a normal occurrence for RDJ to come up and kiss people on the cheek?

"Thank you" ~ Thor. That's so funny!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Darcy is HILARIOS. ~ I love how Thor's totally used to weird little Darcy, and he's just amused with her now.

Haha.. I vote for having his shirt off.

Chris Evans talking about the helicopter scene in Captain America Civil War. Who needs logic?) I'm pretty sure if he had his shirt off in that scene we would be able to see his rippling and and pecs. Why does Chris always have his shirt off?