Raw Carrot Cake Bites

Raw Carrot Cake Bites with Coconut Cream Topping. These bite of spring are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and paleo. Find the recipe at…

caprese sandwiches

Grilled Caprese Sandwiches

mozzarella cheese, tomato, olive oil & home-made pesto sandwiches. **just made these for dinner and they were amazing, full of flavor. Next time I will make them using the panini maker rather than as a grilled cheese.

French Buttercream

French Buttercream-And a handful of other frostings. This one is a little work, but I think the results would be worth it.

Learn how to make buttercream frosting with this easy tutorial. This is the BEST recipe for homemade buttercream, it pipes perfectly, and makes a great base for other frosting flavors too! Tap the link now to find the hottest products for your kitchen!

The Best Cream Cheese Frosting

The Best Cream Cheese Frosting is the perfect version of this classic frosting. It is super delicious and so easy to make. Sweet, creamy and so very yummy, your family will beg you to make this cream (Cheese Table Cream)

caprese tea sandwiches

Bite By Bite

Caprese Tea Sandwiches done in mini pita pockets for bridal shower food ideas and decorative at the same time

Super Healthy 'Coco-Pop' Bars

If you’re after a yummy lunchbox snack, these Healthy Coco-Pop Bars are exactly what you need! Made with honey, chia seeds & coconut oil…. they’re the perfect alternative to the sugar-filled store bou (Healthy Ingredients Chia Seeds)

Easy Chocolate Coconut Slice

Make this Easy Chocolate Coconut Slice in no time at all - simply melt & mix! Conventional and Thermomix instructions included.

Easy Marshmallow Frosting

Minty Coconut Rough

This minty coconut rough is a slightly modified version of my original coconut rough recipe. The updated flavour is a real winner!

These raw vegan chocolate covered coconut bars are full of wholesome, plant-based ingredients, super healthy, and incredibly delicious.

Coconut Whipped Cream