vanilla slice.

Old-fashioned vanilla slice

Lemon meringue

Lemon meringue pie

Karl requested ths for a special fathers day treat . crispy base, tangy citrus centre and fluffy meringue top makes this a pie to die for.

Snickers brownies.

Snickers brownie

Snickers Brownies ~ Turn an ordinary chocolate bar into something extra-ordinary with these delicious and simple brownies

Chocolate mousse tart

Triple chocolate mousse tart

Method plain chocolate biscuits 1 tablespoon plain flour butter, melted cocoa powder, to serve Chocolate ganache dark chocolate, chopped cup thickened cream Chocolate mousse dark chocolate, chopped 1 teaspoon vanilla extract thickened cream

sticky date and caramel pudding!

Sticky date and caramel pudding

Winter is the perfect time for recipes like this sweet, sticky pudding! I made this last weekend when we had guests. Not only was it completely delicious, but it was super easy to make!

chocolate lava cakes.

Chocolate lava cakes

Baked lemon meringue pie.

Baked lemon meringue pie

Baked lemon meringue pie Reduce the stress on the big night with this delicious make-ahead lemon meringue pie. (recipe by Emma Braz, photography by Cath Muscat)

Baked custard tart

Baked custard tart

Everyone will love this spectacular dessert, which offers a creative take on the traditional favourites.

vanilla slice

Classic vanilla slice

Nothing beats timeless, classic baked treats, so revisit these crowd-pleasing vanilla slices!

Caramel swirl brownies

Caramel swirl brownie

We solve your bring-a-plate dilemma & don& want to take a box of chocolates - what can I bring to have with coffee instead?& Freshly baked caramel swirl brownies, enough to serve and save.

Basic cookie

Basic cookie dough

Roll out, roll out. wonderful sweet dough for the kids to cook cookies for kids' party bags!

gingerbread men.

Gingerbread men

The kids will love decorating these cute gingerbread men. Keep them to eat or give them out as Christmas gifts.

Extreme brownies

Extreme brownies

Our version of this chocolate lovers& dessert hits all the right notes!

chocolate eclairs

Chocolate eclairs

National Chocolate Éclair Day is celebrated on 22 June "Éclair" is the French word for lightning and éclair is favorite treat since its creation in

Chewy toblerone cookies

Chewy Toblerone cookies

Chewy Toblerone cookies - These cookies are a simply irresistible snack for morning tea, afternoon tea or any time really.

caramel mud cake

Caramel mud cake

Topped with gooey white chocolate ganache, this rich caramel mud cake is the ultimate dessert indulgence.