Why petrol bowsers deserve the same treatment as cigarette packs

Every time smokers pull a cigarette pack out of their pocket, they’re reminded of the harms their habit is likely to cause. In much the same way, Australian petrol stations should display health warnings…

Wowsers and Alcohol

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No high fives helps explain 'what contact means' (Video Thumbnail)

Pupils at a Mornington Peninsula primary school have staged a protest on their school oval after they were banned from hugging or giving each other high-fives in .

Feminist critics of this new 'sport' sound like snobs on a soapbox

Feminist critics of this new 'sport' sound like snobs on a soapbox

Banning coke in New York

NEW YORKS billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg extended his war against unhealthy habits with an unprecedented proposal for banning super-sized sweet drinks.

Banning high revving cars

In this post I'll show exactly why Husqvarna Automowers are the most effective, efficient and easy to use robot mowers in the market right now.

30 km/h speed zone

30 km/h speed zone

Alcohol - Taxing issue

The Adelaide Thunderbirds will play in the trans-Tasman netball finals after thrashing bottom-of-the-table Canterbury Tactix

Australia - the great nanny state

Some of the best experiences I've had while travelling would be deemed illegal in Australia.

Nudge politics of the democratically unaccountable

Issue 2866 of New Scientist magazine