Australian Picture Books: You and Me: Our Place. I love it because it depicts a clear picture, to young readers, about how part of the aboriginal culture and Australian culture is now, not in the past.

You and Me: Our Place. You and Me: Our place is about difference - old and new cultures that exist side by side - but more importantly it is about sameness. By Leonie Norrington and Dee Huxley. Located at CL/NORR

10 Australia Day crafts and activities! - a little delightful

This activity helps children to draw lines and make dots. You use cotton buds, cotton tips or ear cleaners as a painting utensil!

This is a great unit for the younger students to explore the Australian Aboriginal traditions and customs.

NAIDOC Aboriginal Activities

This unit is a great resource to introduce Aboriginal customs and traditions for the younger students. This can be used for NAIDOC week or anytime of the year that you want to explore some Aboriginal traditions.

aboriginal style sea turtle paintings on rocks

Smith: Summer Sea Turtle Art Painted with white acrylic first then given to students to paint.

Australian Animals Coloring Page Worksheet

Australian Animals Coloring Page

Second Grade Fourth Grade Places Geography Worksheets: Australian Animals Coloring Page