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a poem written in purple and white with flowers
Psalm 45
Film Posters, Show Us, How To Plan, Movie Posters
an image with the words love is patient and find love us not
1 Corinthians
a blue background with the words and flowers on it, in an oval frame that reads
Bible scripture
an orange and yellow background with the words, to the pure all things are pure, but
the heart of the matter for it's with the heart a person belies
a heart with the words you have no part share in this matter, because it is not
the text in green and white with an image of a man's face on it
a green and white photo with the words, i may the lord be with us
1 Kings 8
Solomon’s prayer
Solomon’s prayer Turn Ons
1 Kings 8
Solomon’s prayer
the words are written in white on a black background with a circular frame and an olive branch
Revelation 12
a black and orange logo with the words,'thy kingdom come no one but him on
Matthew and canva
Old Things
a tree with a heart drawn on it in front of the words, abraham never walked in believing god's promise