Meanwhile in Australia via facebook.

I think that person funny.imma do this to daina miller aka police chef aka my Swimteam instructor

Aussies will understand (and perhaps a few others)<<<<< BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUY DONT EVEN HAVE FAIRY BREAD IR CHERRY RIPES OH MY GOD

Aussies will understand (and perhaps a few others)

May contain traces of peanuts?! Nope I'm out, that's where I draw the line.

Tim Tam may conain traces of peanuts and human flesh! Thanks Weird Al, if you are really the originator of this spoof. - Relax chocolate lovers, it's just a joke. No humans or zombies were hurt in the making of Tim Tam chocolate

Only in Australia, does a man robbing a servo with a boomerang seem normal...

Only in Australia, does a man robbing a servo with a boomerang seem normal. 《listen u weridos im an Australian and this ain't normal so shut it

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Australia Is The Only Continent Without An Active Volcano - every bottle of Snapple has an interesting fact under it's lid, even Australia gets a lid !

On education: | 29 Of The Best Australian Memes On The Internet

On education:

"One does not simply eat an entire spoonful of Vegemite. Here stands a true idiotic Australian

Meanwhile in Australia...

funny caption socks with sandals in florida time to break out the winter clothes

Ice blocks - funny but true.

Ice blocks - funny but true.>>> ahh the best thing to come home to after a tiring day at school/work