Plan #496-18; 3584 SF | 4 bed + study | 2.5 bath | 2 car | 2 story.

Modern Style House Plan - 4 Beds 2.50 Baths 3584 Sq/Ft Plan #496-18

separate bedroom areas with kids activity, no common bedroom/loo walls. could loose study and move back garage

Here's a non-fancy 4 bedroom home with study nook and triple car garage which would fit on a reasonably narrow block of land.

Adjust to no garage, pantry and laundry computer area can be a mudroom, media can be a play area.

Hi! I found this plan last week – you might like this one. It’s called the Monterey Nouveau Q1 from here. You can also click on the image to enlarge it. I know it’s similar to a lot of other narrow houses, but I did think it was a good use of space. I loved …

Called Monterey Nouveau This is an example of a floor plan. I love the use of space and design of this layout. Personally I have always had an interest in floor plans.

Livingstone JG King Could work if flipped

Livingstone JG King Could work for us just minus the rumpus, retreat & 2 back bedrooms.

Would love a bigger kitchen with a small breakfast nook and a formal dinning room where the lights Inge room is


Swap the lounge for a fifth bedroom and have the study door open from the bedroom for full parent retreat -AH

I dont know what some of these areas are but I love it :) ha! I like the kids lounge - so cute! :)

Floor Plan Friday: 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home. Turn study into dining room and kids lounge into study, make theater into pantry and laundry/craft room

Display Home

IF we convert two BR to studies then this category - could convert media rook half and half display/study and 1 bedroom as study and then have one BR left over for kids.

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