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Paint background with acrylic, animals painted with black, then dots painted with eraser end of pencil or Q-tip

From exhibit "Aboriginal Art, Grade 4 - eraser dots mosaic - each child assigned a different color like the fingerprints

Cave painting and "contemporary cave painting" art and history lesson. Murals in groups of 5.

There are certain units in art class that take on a life of their own and just GROW! My Cave art unit turned out even better than I had anticipated and grew into a Pre-K – Grade 5 theme due…

Every place, every People, has its own unique pedagogies. These 8 simple ones are merely a starting point for dialogue. Each school engages in a different way, and produces its own unique frameworks for Aboriginal education through dialogue with the community about local ways of doing things.

Literature to support the Australian National Curriculum. Focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fiction.


This video is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders family and Kinship. It is a short clip that explains how Aboriginal kinship is different to Australian kinship. It also details how to understand Aboriginal kinship.

The First Sunrise | Aboriginal Dreamtime Story - YouTube

Aboriginal Dreaming Story - The First Sunrise