String a needle through and hang! - so easy...why have I never thought of this!

String a needle through and hang! So easy.why have I never thought of this? Add glow sticks and you have awesome lights! I am going to do this with orange balloons and add glow sticks and pumpkin faces for trunk or treat.

Art party: die pasta rainbow colors for necklaces

Bright and Modern Rainbow Party

Great idea for kids party food #TinyTeddyCars #KidsPartyFood #KidsParties

Tiny Teddy Cars

These gorgeous tiny teddy cars are incredibly easy to make. Assemble with either mars, milky way or snickers bars and they will be a delight for the kids.

Easy and super yummy mini quiches recipe for the whole family :)

Easy Mini Quiches Recipe (Eats Amazing)

Easy recipe for kids - these super simple mini quiches are great for picnics lunch boxes and party food with free printable recipe sheet from Eats Amazing UK (cooking with kids savoury)

Sharing Tidbits . . .: Kelsey's 2nd Birthday Party - Setup!

Kelsey "aDores" Dora, so it was very fitting that we celebrate her second birthday Dora style! Once again Jeff and I (with lots of help fro.

Birthday party decor. Plastic table cloths!!!

Awesome idea:birthday party decor,take diffrent color table cloths and tape them to to ceiling like that. Then tie 3 diffrent color balloons together and tape them to another set of balloons then tape the all the balloons in the middle of the table cloth.

Choc top marshmallow

Marshmallows on a stick: marshmallows, white and/or pink: one 10 oz bag of each= ~ 80 cupcakes-on-a-stick. almond bark vanilla & chocolate- a package of each. lollipop sticks (pack of multi-colored jimmies (sprinkles), nonpareils, or other sma