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a wooden paneled wall with geometric designs on it
Juice Served Here | Pasadena location designed by Bells & Whistles 2013
a large number of different colored lines on a wall
Plaster and Concrete Textures... and they're free to download!
marble tiles and their names are displayed on a gray background with white trimmings
Home - Studio McGee
Studio McGee's top marble alternatives.
a blue and green area rug with an abstract design on the bottom, in front of a white background
Miles Negus-Fancey Design
Finishes | Shikkui. Marmorino polished plaster
two different types of wood that are white and light brown, one is black and the other is beige
Exquisite Surfaces – Tradition, Style, Service
Our custom Aged French Oak floors are extremely popular with interior designers. The unique aging process renders stunning results with the look and patina of genuine antique French oak floors
the table is covered with black and white items such as books, magazines, and other things
Materials by Lorenzo Pennati, via Behance, grey and black mood board, interior design
three different pieces of art that are on top of each other and one is made out of wood
Kitchen workshops. Styled by Florence Rolfe. Photographs by Sarah Hogan.
the sky is blue and white with some clouds in it's backgrounge
Verdigris Map
an abstract painting with blue and white colors on the water's surface is shown
Petrol blue, grey & white - atmospheric & arty, abstract surface pattern design inspiration // Seetal Solanki
an image of wood flooring that looks like hexagonal tiles or herringbones
Terracotta Tile | Handmade Tile | Tabarka Studio
ZEP 15 custom parquet
a plant in a vase on top of a blue marble counter with vertical striped walls behind it
The Inner Workings: Case Meallin Offices by Mim Design — KNSTRCT
Case Meallin Offices by Mim Design
a blue cup sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a pen and paper
Inga Sempé launches mix and match tile collection for Mutina
Tratti tiles by Inga Sempe for Mutina