Artsy Craftsy Mom: Australian aboriginal art

I'm going to have my students learn about art from other cultures and I've always loved the Aboriginal Dot Paintings from Australia and.

Uluru - Australia

Uluru is well known sand rock formation in Australia surrounded by number of springs, water holes, rock caves & paintings.

albert namatjira famous paintings - Google Search

Uluru (Ayers Rock) by Peter Taylor Tjutjatja from Alice Springs, Central Australia created a 49 x 37 cm Watercolour on Artist Board painting SOLD at the Aboriginal Art Store

Ayers Rock, also called Uluru, is located in the center of the Australian Outback, is the largest rock in the world, measuring more than 5 miles around. Uluru is a very sacred place to Aboriginals and is a popular tourist spot in Australia today.

Uluru: Australia's rock of ages - Lonely Planet travel video - remember watching sunrise in front of the Uluru !

The sky is set on fire by this gorgeous sunset behind Ayres Rock in Uluru, Australia

Ayers Rock, Australian Outback ~ The largest monolith in the world ~ It is one massive stone. It is so big that the clouds that move across the sky during sunset reflect its orange and red colors.