The next time you boil eggs, save the water and pour it on your garden and plants both indoors and outdoors. The water becomes enriched with calcium when the eggs are cooked. No point  wasting it in pouring down the sink. Your plants will love you for it!....

(link) REUSE & CONSERVE WATER ~ The next time you boil eggs (hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs), save the water and pour it onto the soil (NOT plants!) for your garden and houseplants. The water becomes enriched with calcium from the boiled eggs shells.

I have never had a problem with gnats in the house before, but I over watered a new houseplant one week and they have increasing become a problem.  Hopefully this will do the trick but for now the plants is living outside.  I can't take it anymore!

Hot Tip: Baking Soda Remedies In the Garden

Overwatering can cause leaf fungus on your plants and also attract fungus gnats. Get out the good old Baking Soda, some biodegradable soap, a gallon of water and mix yourself a nice, organic bug killer.

I like this combination of plant & wood together.

I like this combination of plant & wood together. Also, using these shelfs and stands help you keep your plants tidy.

A stunning house tour in shades of black, grey and green.

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Give a stylish look to your windows with external shutters. Check out more

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Shutters for outdoor area

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Brabourne Farm: Love .... Shutters in the House

add to louvered bifold door edges allowing the to extend past the panel by & hinge the panels together to make a screen!

I think its the stripe and bead board effect that makes me love shutters so much.

Shutter headboard for an easy beach cottage bedroom style.on the windows behind the head board!

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Decor Ideas Idea Box by Cyndi Neumann

Shutter wall, rustic

What a seriously cool idea! Making an accent wall out of aged shutters! Talk about farmhouse chic. Great idea for Tori's room and uses all the old shutters I have in storage