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Herb-Lemon Zest Butter

6 Recipes For Flavored Butter ~ Turmeric-Mustard Seed Butter, Nori-Sesame Butter, Porcini-Red Wine Butter, Chipotle-Lime Butter, Bacon-Bourbon Butter & Herb-Lemon Zest Butter Oh happy day fun fun fun.

~How to make your own Sourdough yeast starter, includes a great article with the infographic...

I make homemade bread and other things from scratch. I currently have my own sourdough starter going. ~How to make your own Sourdough yeast starter, includes a great article with the infographic.

Sourdough Starter in a Mason Jar - Easy recipe makes two jars of starter - One to keep and one to give away!

Sour dough starter recipe and adorable printable label. I've been looking for a good sourdough starter recipe.used to make sourdough pancakes years ago, and can't find my recipe. Sourdough starters get better with age.

Make your own Mini-Fruit Balls (www.trtlmt.com.au/mini-fruit-balls)

My 4 year old loves the little mini fruit balls you can buy from the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket. Pity they cost and arm and a leg to buy and are filled with all sorts of nasties.

Homemade Almond Butter Recipe-- so easy and so delicious! Much healthier alternative to PB delicious on toast or with apples.

Easy Homemade Almond Butter (Healthy & Delicious)

Thermomix Lite Honey Mustard Chicken (Weight Watchers Recipe).

Think Fast! Chicken Dinner Recipes:It's already 5 pm and this day has been insane—who's got time to think about dinner? Here are chicken recipes that clock in around 15 minutes. Sate your appetite without slaving over the stove.

Healthy Coconut Lemon Balls - Gluten Free - Dairy Free

Healthy Coconut Lemon Balls

Healthy Coconut Lemon Balls : The Organised Housewife : Ideas for organising and Cleaning your home

Quirky Cooking: Making Butter in the Thermomix

Quirky Cooking: Making Butter in the Thermomix pure cream macadamia oil (or olive oil if you like the taste) filtered water sea salt/himalayan salt (opt.

Thermomix Chocolate Fudge Cake

Thermomix Chocolate Fudge Cake

This Thermomix chocolate fudge cake is the ultimate gluten free pleasure. It contains olive oil instead of butter and is the perfect dessert.

Vanilla ice cream made in the Thermomix. This recipe contains no egg.

The most delicious vanilla bean ice cream to date, and pretty easy in your thermomix. Egg free, but packs a vanilla punch!