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Although the Blank Rune, also called Fate Rune, or Odin's Rune is not part of the Furthark, the blank rune, is often included in purchased rune sets. It has the same meaning as Perthro. If it is…More

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The nine realms
Deity of the Day for Thursday, April 14th is Hel, Ruler of Helheim – Witches Of The Craft®


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Protect yourself from enemies: Discover powerful protection spell Chants to keep your home safe from negative energies and harm. Make your sanctuary a fortress with our easy-to-follow guide! Shield your surroundings with our strong magic protection spell that realy works #MagicalHome #ProtectionForLovedOne #ProtectionAgainstEnemies #EasyProtectionSpell #ProtectionSpellChants

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the table of cards is shown in an old style frame with black lettering on it
Handy Little Table for Any Tarot Reader to Have
Tuesday Magick, Viking Culture, Viking History
an image of some art work with different colors and patterns on it's sides
an image of a man riding on the back of a boat with words above it
Iceland Building a Pagan Temple Dedicated to the Norse gods (You Remember the Vikings -Thor-yeah those gods)
an image of a woman sitting in a chair with her hand out to the side
Tarot Cards: How to Read the Major and Minor Arcana
Njord God