Thermomix | thai chicken balls

Thai chicken balls 500 grams chicken mince 2 cloves garlic 2 bunch coriander leaves 1 Red Chili 20 grams oyster sauce 1 tablespoon Self Raising Flour 1 tablespoon fish sauce 30 grams red curry paste, (EDC recipe is best) 80 grams coconut milk

Thermomix Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

This is a Thermomix adaptation of a recipe by Anthony Lui, part-owner and chef at Melbourne& famous Flower Drum restaurant.

Roast Beef in the Varoma

This is a great way to cook roast beef as the meat stays juicy from the steam cooking. It is excellent served with mashed potatoes, and green beans. (Source: UK Thermomix) Ingredients to b…

Mock rice: a reverse way to healthier Thermomix meals

Thai-ish Sauce with Cauliflower Rice

Mock cauliflower rice: a reverse way to healthier Thermomix meals - break up reverse sp water, rice basket 10 mins varoma sp 3

Cape Malay Chicken Curry 1

Cape Malay Chicken Curry - Spicy and fragrant, this curry will have you reaching for a second serving.