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an advertisement with the caption if an exodus never happened, then why did two semitic cities in egypt abandon their dwellings overnight?
2. Patterns of Evidence: Exodus – Facing the Facts
the table of nations'gentiles is shown in this poster, which includes names and
Table Of Nations Genesis
the 12 tribes of israel and the fake Jews and edom is in rulership.
an ad for the new king james omissons football team, which is featured in this
King James Bible
King James Bible | Simply Church
the book of enooh is shown with an ornate design in brown and gold
The Book of Enoch
an image of a man holding a flag with the caption that reads, israels ruler europe for 100 years that's why they called it dark ages
The bible is about black PEOPLE. Christ is BLACK according to the bible. So are the Hebrew Israelites of the bible. BLACK. Satan the devil fools the whole World with His world White washing LIES...
the most high power ahayoah that i am exo 3 13 - 15 and his beloved son yashayaya christ my savor
#HebrewIsraelites spreading TRUTH #ISRAELisBLACK ... #GOCC on YouTube
an advertisement with the words ahayah in english and arabic, on a black background
AHAYAH=I AM in ancient original Phoenician Paleo Hebrew, the language that Abraham Isaac and Jacob spoke. EXODUS 3:13-15, AHAYAH is the ONLY name given unto MOSES himself in Exodus. The ONLY name given unto the Children of Israël (Yasharahla). The ONLY na
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