Fondue is spectacular party dish, 1971

Chocolate fondue, Cheese fondue, beef in oil fondue. Little bowls with dipping sauces.

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Who remembers parties where cheese and pineapple squares were served on cocktail sticks? Chris Sandham recons will be making a come back before too long.

Do you have friends coming around and you want to impress them? Whip up this easy spinach cob dip {no cooking required!} and then sit back and enjoy.

Easy spinach cob dip recipe

This reminds me of a recipe my friend was always begged to make for student parties, back in the Sounds truly disgusting- but it was always one of the first dishes to go.

Goodness: Look who's back on the party scene. Jill Dupleix gives devilled eggs a makeover with toppings such as crisp-fried shallots and crushed pappadums.

Stuffed eggs have been around since ancient Rome. Devilled eggs became popular party food in the southern and midwestern states of the United States. Popular in Australia in the and these great-tasting hors d'oeuvres are making a comeback.

It’s been a good news/bad news week for devotees of 70s cuisine.

Is 70s food making a comeback?