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{via} ah, pinterest, you addictive little darling. i started years ago, gathering wish lists, to-do's, tips and all the what-have-you's i came across online in one place. it was all innocent enough. but in the same way cheetos trick your brain into thinking you're not eating, pinterest makes you ravenous for more. i mean really, the people who started it are evil geniuses. {photo credit Caroline Alexandra} there are a lot of different pinterest philosophies. some friends i have will only pin…

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White kitchen with calcatta wrapped central island

Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos Gallery -

Looking for a new kitchen or just love admiring beautiful kitchen images from afar? We've got collections of fantastic kitchen photos to feast your eyes on.

If you're looking to save money on your new kitchen, consider project managing it yourself like Three Birds Renovations do. It could save you loads!

11-Step Guide to Project Managing Your Kitchen Renovation

With tiling, plumbing, electricals and often intricate stone cutting for bench tops, undergoing a kitchen renovation is a minefield.

The Block Triple Threat: Kitchens!

The Block Triple Threat: Kitchens!

The kitchens were revealed on The Block Triple Threat last night... they are always my favourite rooms! What did you think?