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In this free online course Andy Freire, co-founder and CEO of Axialent, discusses the five archetypes of culture within an organization and why they are important to develop and grow in any business or organization.

Pros and Cons of Being a COTA - OT Career Path

Overnight we went from a world where everybody could claim to be a CrossFit coach to a world where nobody can.

Job satisfaction for the Assessor comes from  the goals of precision, organization, and accuracy. Hence, the sense of security is gained through being thorough and prepared for any given situation. To increase this person's satisfaction, one must be able to identify the fears of work criticism or surprises in order to bring forth his or her talents or skills into the limelight.

I strongly believe that our performance at work depends a lot on our job satisfaction. If we like and enjoy what we do, a job will not seem like "work", but