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No Bake Energy Bites

No-bake energy bites. Similar to no-bake cookies but healthy No-bake energy bites. Similar to no-bake cookies but healthy No-bake energy bites. Similar to no-bake cookies but healthy


Easy Peezy Pikelets made in Thermomix. Low in sugar and now my 9 year old cooks…

Sallys Baking Addiction Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies. » Sallys Baking Addiction

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies and the secrets to thick, chewy, and soft cookies. - The chewiest, softest, thickest Chocolate Chip Cookies ever. So many little tricks explained to get that perect cookie every time.

Vanila Slice Thermomix recipe

So, I am totally repulsed by chocolate at the moment (as i s usual for me in early pregnancy ). It& a strange feeling as I will see chocola.

Thermomix Recipes: Thermomix Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Eggs Florentine - Stimulating the love of excellence in society is an important element of the nobility's mission - Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Chocolate Banana-Nut Ice-Cream (just frozen banana, nuts, cacao powder, agave/maple). I like the sound of choc chips added, plus rum and raisin - thanks Elisa! Will have to use a food processor instead of thermomix...

Quirky Cooking: Chocolate Banana-Nut Ice-Cream just eaten by the little man, by the state of his face and clothes I would say success!

Thermomix Nana's Hedgehog Recipe - Wicked Wednesday | ThermoFun

Nana's Hedgehog - ThermoFun


Condensed Milk

I just love this recipe – it’s just like having condensed milk “on tap” as whenever I want it I can just whip it up in 6 mins! (Yes, a bit dangerous I know!) Much quicker and cheaper than going to the shop to get some if I’ve run out.

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Steamed Pork dumplings | Official Thermomix Recipe Community

Recipe Steamed Pork dumplings by Melinda_thermomix - Recipe of category Main dishes - meat

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Recipe Lemony Lemon Brownies by Nats Thermomixen in the Kitchen - Recipe of category Baking - sweet

Red Velvet Cupcakes 029

I had never heard of this cake until I watched Bethanny’s Getting Married. Bethanny Frankle was one of the original Housewives of New York, and then went on to have her own show where she ge…