Depression and Anxiety - A Christian Testimony

Depression and anxiety SUCKS! This is my personal testimony of my depression and anxiety journey, I just want to hel.

Hearing from the Holy Spirit - You 💯 can!

Hearing from the Holy Spirit? The thought of that can be a little weird if you haven't heard this kind of language before. BUT its so not and I try to expla.

How to put God first

How to put God first? Putting God first in our lives is so important but it can very easily be put on the back burner! Life is so crazy but if we seek Him fi.

Morning Prayer - Start Your Day With Jesus

Morning prayer is the best way for starting your day with God Welcome amazing one! I have put together this morning prayer to start your day with Jesus.

Spiritual attack

Spiritual attack

Spiritual Warfare - What Is It and How To Overcome It! 👊👊

Spiritual Warfare - What Is It and How To Overcome It! 👊👊

Freedom in worship - Being TRUE TO YOU!!

Day How are we feeling people? Still pumped and on the New Year High?

Jess Henley vlog? 👋

So 2018 started with a BANG! And a new creative venture for me! --- Your awe.

Seek God's Plan - 5 tips to point you in the right direction ☝

This has been a really hard question for me because I expected a straight answer but.

IN the world but not OF the world?

To be in the world but not of it?

Christianese is...

Christianese - What is it?

Encouragement and Courage


Intro to Jess