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Dreamworks Dragons, Dreamworks Animation, Httyd 3, Hiccup, Toothless, Pixar, Bud, Train, Toothless Funny, Human Eye, Trains, Knob

Dreamworks Dragons, Dreamworks Animation, Httyd 3, Hiccup, Dragon 2, Toothless, Pixar, Bud, Frost, How To Train Your Dragon, Train Your Dragon, Liberty, Universe, Toothless Funny, Human Eye, Knob

No but seriously my life plan right now is only just to make it to the HTTYD 3 premier and after that I just...I just don't know what I'm going to do with my life, I'll have nothing to look forward too

Hire a therapist. Then think that it was all just a very bad dream and move on. Happily skipping along in Hiccstrid-land. <<< I'll just sit in the dark and suffer

This was me when I got my mom to watch Riders of Berk and after a few episodes she looked at me and said, "Ok, I want a night fury." Win!

I haven't met anyone that likes HTTYD like me. But i still think this is how I'm gonna react.

Yes DreamWorks.

Toothless Dragon, Hiccup And Toothless, Httyd, Dragon Movies, Dreamworks, Nostalgia, Fandoms, Train, Dragons, Fandom, Trains

Yes!!! I'm so happy someone made this! Hiccstrid all the way baby!!!

Who agrees with me? (I made this)<<< I really wish people would stop shipping Hiccup with other people. <<<I hate it when people ship characters who are already taken in their movie/tv show.

His last resort to dissuade his queen from the dragon master... nice one Snot.

Who ships Snotlout/Mala? Or Hiccup/Mala? Or Throk/Mala?