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Jess Lennard
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Mixtures and Solutions Activities, Notebook, Worksheets

*Best Seller* Teach students to define, distinguish between and compare mixtures and solutions in this hands on, engaging Science unit. This unit is FOCUSED on Mixtures and Solutions and assumes a background knowledge of Matter, I am working on a Matter

Tallies & Graphs: Collecting Class Data and then compile it into a book.

Tallies & Graphs: Collecting Class Data This resource will engage students by entering data as to what they are doing on the weekend. Once this has been filled in by each class member students can then create a bar graph reflecting upon the results.

Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa Contents – 37 pages This pack explores why we use letters and what makes a letter so that we can write a great letter to Santa.

Eight fun Aussie designs for kids to colour plus blank outlines for kids to create their own designs! $

This Australia colouring pack has 8 detailed Australia themed designs and 8 blank outlines in which children can create their own designs, suggested activities and 8 colour examples.