9 varandas com orquídeas, bonsai, jardim vertical e jaboticabeira

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Belgravia House in London by Todhunter Earle

Belgravia House in London by Todhunter Earle. Even though this is a rooftop garden, the design show would be excellent for any long, narrow yard. Great way to break up the space by making different "zones"!

rooftop patio in the city // coco+kelley

Rooftop Dinner Party Decor Inspiration - for a small intimate shower/ engagement announcement/any excuse

A slideshow round-up featuring 20 of the most beautiful outdoor spaces for mid-summer inspiration, with fountains and pools and gardens and outdoor living.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Small garden ideas can be a great solution for those who want to build a garden in the small yard. What we know is that building a garden in a small space

Charlotte and Josh | Room Reveal 10 | Terraces and CommonThe Block Shop - Channel 9

On The Block triple Threat last night we saw the final room reveals. the Terraces.

Brighton contemporary, Melbourne, AU. Sketch Building Design. Dana Beligan photo.

Contemporary exterior of the multi townhouse units in Melbourne Brighton Duplex: Sparkling Townhouses with Breezy Modern Elegance~love the landscape Bachelorette Living 💜