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A collection of beautiful creative portraits and self-portraits that inspire my photography
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some people are sitting on the roof of an old building
40 photos qui donnent le goût de tout laisser tomber et partir en voyage
black and white photograph of two people sitting by the water
tacco e spillo
pavorst: “ A young couple enjoying lunch on the Right Bank of the Seine, just below Notre Dame, Paris — 1963 by Alfred Eisenstaedt ”
a woman sitting on the side of a train drinking from a wine glass while another person stands next to her
it’s where the wild things are!
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6L0A3195 Outfits, Winter Fashion, Autumn Fashion, Beige Outfit, Paris Outfits, Chic Style, Fall Coat, Street Style, Fashion Trends
Spring Neutrals in Rainy Portland - The Moptop
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a window
Minimal Tendencies
minimal tendencies - 06
a man and woman sitting on a bench with a newspaper in front of their face
Hairstyles & Beauty
a woman sitting on a bench reading a book in front of a wall with pictures
Fall in Paris: Where to Take the Best Photos – Instagram Photo Spots
Les bouquinistes at Quai de Montebello and Quai Saint-Michel
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a woman is sitting on the stairs outside
Versailles France
a woman sitting on a bench in front of a fountain
Posted by @ellemaywatson: Some more self portraits from Paris with @sondeflor taken by @1924us (I really love the gold mustard of this dress)!! #portrait #photography #linen #style #fashion #paris #mood #art - Pixwox
a woman holding a bunch of flowers in her hands while standing on the side walk
Charleen Weiss in Paris
a person holding an object in their hand while looking out the window at some buildings
Ciao Bella
Ciao Bella
a woman writing on a paper while sitting in a seat next to an open window
a woman standing on a balcony holding a wine glass and looking at her cell phone
Chloé Crane-Leroux
Chloe Crane Leroux
a woman standing on the side of a bridge holding a suitcase and taking a photo
A Day in Florence
Spending a day in Florence…
a woman looking at herself in the mirror
L'album photo des 82 ans de Brigitte Bardot
Paris, 1958.
two people standing on top of a roof with their arms in the air and one person holding something up
a man and woman are looking through a window at the news paper in front of them
Inner Optics: Photo
Paul Almásy
a woman standing in front of a record store looking at the records she is holding
Hidden Parisian passageways that you shouldn't miss!
two people reaching out their hands to touch each other's hand in front of white busturines
AirFrance Madame_CondéNast France
two people in a small boat on the water
a man and woman are sitting on a bench in front of some paintings with flowers
Arts love story photo ideas
Art love story photo ideas