The percentage mailing

Wine packaging - (the percentage mailing - direct mail to investment clients with three bottles of wine where alcohol percentage equals potential profit


Collected Thread logo made up of simple icons. - idea for joint mini (create with relevant images) illustrations creating pattern.

12 Butterflies by Candyblack Studio...One of my favorite logos! You can't go wrong with gold on white!

12 Butterflies by Candyblack Studio.One of my favorite logos! You can't go wrong with gold on white!

The Paper Deer Photography , Website + Branding - One Plus One Design

MMB: The Paper Deer and identity design inspiration. I love the logo, color pallet and fonts that create a vintage, but modern design.

striped top / heels

everytime there’s a woman on my dashboard and i’m like “i want to look EXACTLY like this who is she” it turns out she’s just a literal madewell model

Two Lands Creative Invoice | Print Collateral

brand advertising agency invoice template 50 Creative Invoice Designs for Your Inspiration


Lighting Installation ideas with Fluorescent tubes

Hai Lien cosmetics range

The action shot here gives a sense of variety and excitement to the scene. The light grey also allows the white products to stand out.

Paper weave // by marnich associates

Paper weave invitation for Bottega Veneta / Marnich Associates

Ellay Films | JayAdores

simple, plenty of white space, but tells a visual story very quickly of what this person is doing (celebration invites)

Monocle logo gold foiled

Interesting circle, unusual shape - a bit new-agey

Victor Russo’s Osteria by Total Identity

Total Identity / Victor Russo’s Osteria

Marc Jacobs

Very sexy perfume.

Aline Diépois

"Lou de Beauregard" Spring / Summer 11 Fashion Brand - Catalog {Woman} Photography & Art Direction I like the mix of structured typography against the manic and harsh brush strokes

Maeven / Lotta Nieminen

Lotta Nieminen Identity for Maeven

Ghaith & Jad build brass rod installation inside Beirut boutique.

Ghaith Abi Ghanem and Jad Melki of Ghaith & Jad designed the retail space for Starch – a non-profit organisation that supports emerging Lebanese designers.