The percentage mailing

the percentage mailing - direct mail to investment clients with three bottles of wine where alcohol percentage equals potential profit - that blush pink


Collected Thread logo made up of simple icons. - idea for joint mini (create with relevant images) illustrations creating pattern.

The Paper Deer Photography , Website + Branding - One Plus One Design

MMB: The Paper Deer and identity design inspiration. I love the logo, color pallet and fonts that create a vintage, but modern design.

striped top / heels

everytime there’s a woman on my dashboard and i’m like “i want to look EXACTLY like this who is she” it turns out she’s just a literal madewell model

Two Lands Creative Invoice | Print Collateral

I like the idea of block, solid coloring somewhere across the invoice, whether for design or for coding, it's clean and makes a clear demarcation. (Two Lands Creative Invoice