A promotional poster for the album "Lost and Found" by Shipwrec. The designer took inspiration from classic analog games and created a visually striking piece by distorting the "pixels" and making the viewer look twice.

Einóma Lost & Found EP—For the forth release by Shipwrec by Einóma (iceland), another day made some analog experiments with a black and white copier. Transforming, distorting different sheets with a simple pattern. the outcome was digitized and edited.

I thought dragging your hand down the scanner to have it keep capturing it was a really cool idea.

scanner photography, time based, tracking of movement as scanner moves across flatbed

25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography | Web & Graphic Design | Bashooka

25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography

Type as Image  (Master Thesis Project)

25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography


Glitch – The portraits of Giacomo Carmagnola

“E/L/M”Thanks to Steve Clark for letting me use his beautiful statue for this…