Leaves and a hammer. Oh my this.o

Layer leaves on watercolor paper with paper towels, hammer with cross peen hammer. (ball peen seems to smash the leaves too much) Build/Make/Craft/Bake: How-to: Hammered flower and leaf prints


Leaf stitch for Kiev embroidery.

Considering my love for leaves, I'm sure I will want to know how to embroider one at some point. And thus, leaf, thou art pinned!

Wonderful embroidered leaf tutorial Embroidering Leaves Originally pinned by Manka Minta onto Embroidery (free patterns & ideas).


Eucalyptus flower with ants photo by Georgie Sharp

DIY Printed Pillow Covers

UKKONOOA: fabric paint leaf stamp on unbleached cotton

Pillow | stamps | DIY | crafts idea | hello fall | weekend project

a quick and easy stamp pattern made from real leaves dabbed with paint.

Бразильская объемная вышивка #embroidery

Needlework goals *___* - Fall scene / spider and web - from Edmar thread site <> (fabric, fiber, textile art)

Felt Flowers

Make this with recycle paper?

Fabric leaf bowl

Fabric leaf bowl

Ruth de Vos: Textile Art | celebrating a wonderful world in stitch

In My Portfolio: Bush Telegraph - Ruth de Vos : Textile Artist

Suzan Engler - Blog - Making Leaves -Learned from Barb Forrister - fused several layers of fabric together with Misty Fuse. Stitch around the leaves and added detail with varigated threads. Then before cutting out the leaves, paint around the edges of each leaf with Stewart Gill metallic paints. The paint adds an additional design detail and keeps the edges of the fabric from fraying. Be sure and apply the paint on the front and back sides of the leaves.

Fabric Leaves by Susan Engler, textile artist / Hojas tejidas por Susan Engler…

australian native

Australian native eucalyptus with pink blossoms by Cathy Klees

Eucalyptus caesia. Wedding Invitation botanical drawings along the top and hanging down the side - Australia :)

Eucalyptus caesia Watercolour by Halina Steele (Australia)

Michelle Mischkulnig

Sharing the journey of my creative mind ;-) I wanted to share with you the very beginning of the pathway of creativity opened up from my journal and form other resources to small artworks.I hope yo…

DIY Fabric Craft flower

Napkins, tablecloths, tapestries, and more, fabrics we adore for your party!

Original drawing of Eucalyptus crebra from botanical artist Janet Hauser.

Original drawing of Eucalyptus crebra from botanical artist Janet Hauser.