modern corten steel retaining wall ideas

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#peterfudge, Dichondra, flagstone and decomposed granite ground cover.

Dichondra silver falls ground cover with Agave 'El Miradores Gold' and Senecio serpens (chalksticks)

Cor-ten steel is a beautiful material. It is being used in gardens more and more and loved for its warm, weathered and industrial look. In my experience, this edging looks better when it is 1/4" thickness. Anything thinner and you will see bowing and the edge will not appear clean and straight, which is it's best attribute. Also when specifying corten, make sure you get a certificate that verifies it is truly cor-ten, and ASTM grade A588 or A606. View Product Website

Cor-ten edging

Lawn with corten steel edging. Maybe a good way to deal with different levels between patio and raised beds, but you can still mow and negotiate with a wheelbarrow.

Corten Steel planter retaining wall planted with ornamental grasses - simple and effective

We're coveting an extra-long steel planter to run along the base of a facade: Above: A Corten Steel Planter Retaining Wall System from Planterworx.

open-living-garden-Peter-Fudge-july15 -- The living area opens across the corners, as well as on the north side. These exposed corners are used as seating in the summer. Photographer: Jason Busch

A seamless indoor-outdoor courtyard designed by Peter Fudge. Photography by Jason Busch.