Outback Track, just past Australian Arid Lands Botanic Gardens, http://www.bloggerme.com.au/states/great-australian-bight Australia

♥ Outback Track photo taken by Georgie Sharp who says of her travel here C predicted for tomorrow and it is not Summer yet! Just past the Australian Arid Gardens on the Road to Darwin" ~ South Australia

Outback, North Western Australia

How Australia's thirsty Outback soaked up water like a 'sponge', causing a drop in GLOBAL sea levels

A photograph of the Country around Well 28. Photo by Tim Acker, 2007. This National Museum of Australia exhibition visits Queensland Museum from 25 May - 14 July.

Outback, Australia, rare and remote area with lots of typical red sand ~ www.nl ~ for the best customized tours & tips in Nice, France ~ delicious healthy recipes created & home made by Elky ~ food.

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