Bathmat that turns red when wet...creepy/cool

Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet.


Fold a dollar bill into a Money Origami Shirt and Tie with my easy step-by-step instructions. Money shirts make a cute way to give a cash gifts or leave tips.


It will be good to know why should we eat fruits and how. Nature has wisely planned and given plenty of indications how the food (fruit) should be eaten.

Wow! Cool

Funny pictures about Bathroom sink fish tank. Oh, and cool pics about Bathroom sink fish tank. Also, Bathroom sink fish tank photos.

There is a 'Hug Me' Coca Cola machine in Singapore that gives you a can of coke every time you hug it.

Damn bro, you only have to hug the thing. This is a vending machine located somewhere in Singapore as part of Coca-Cola's 'Open Happiness' campaign. The machine dispenses a free Coke.

To anyone who is having a bad day, here you go.

Unusual Gifts and Baby Teeth Thumb Sucker Pacifier at Perpetual Kid. Most babies are already cute BUT stick one of these pacifiers in their mouths and people wi

Every house should have this!!!

I have always wanted a spiral staircase in my dream home. Spiral staircase around a tree, AWESOME!