Roof windows and increased natural light - Hege in France - white scandinavian dining room with wishbone chairs and a garden view. Natural light in abundance.

Scandinavian interiors - white walls Bright Scandinavian dining room with roof windows and increased natural light. Wishbone chairs and garden view from the dining room. This is the kind of home extension I would love to add to our home.

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Another incredible render concept image by Robert Dukes from which features are our very own matte black combination wall spout and mixer over an elegant freestanding bathtub.

fenetre deco combles

Un intérieur lumineux avec Velux

Incredible ideas for your ideal living room! Free yourself from the usual boring living rooms!

Wohnen unter dem Dach: Mit diesen Ideen wird es schön

11 Einrichtungstipps für das Wohnen unterm Dach

best room dividers for small studio apartments

Functional Room Dividers That Were Made For Small Spaces

9 best room dividers for small studio apartments. Read these clever solutions for small spaces. Use a wall planter, hanging shelf, bar or mirrored divider to turn one room into two. For more space-saving solutions and small space ideas go to Domino.

Bed & Breakfast idea: PIllow Nook for tea, napping, lounging, or reading