Burned Velvet Wine Split Skirt by Black Milk Clothing

Burned Velvet Wine Split Skirt › Black Milk Clothing - Bought in M. Seriously, *no* lining? Not even just above the split?

Desert Flower Evil Skater Dress - 48HR ($85AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

Desert Flower Evil Skater Dress - Limited

In some cultures, cactus flowers represent maternal love – because they bloom even under harsh desert conditions, just like your mum loves you even when you spe

Midnight Hummingbird 3/4 Sleeve Toastie Dress - LIMITED (AU $110AUD / US $88USD) by Black Milk Clothing

The darker side of the world's most adorable bird.toasty :) Composition: Polyester, ElastaneWashing: Cold hand w

Raven Cuffed Shorts ($70AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

You’ve got to feel a little bit sorry for ravens – their reputation for evil is so ingrained in people’s minds that an acceptable collective noun for them is ‘an unkindness of ravens&r

Planisphere Black Slouchy - LIMITED ($150AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

People have been using instruments – like planispheres – to track star charts and constellations for thousands of years. They’ve also been wearing tops for thousands of years.

Koi Pink Velvet Midi Skirt - LIMITED (AU $110AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

We’ve wanted to create a koi print for a really long time now, something original and a little bit different. After more trial and error than you would believe

Galaxy Supernova Midi Pencil Dress ($100AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

Galaxy Supernova Midi Pencil Dress - Limited

The galaxy print is from a photo taken by NASA of an actual galaxy - very cool! It's the Cassiopeia Supernova in deep space.Photo courtesy of NASA

Cathedral Pocket Tee - CAPPED PRESALE (AU $60AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

This print is from the Notre-Dame cathedral in Switzerland. The two central figures are the angel Gabriel, and Mary. The flowers are symbolic of the birth of Christ. The city in the background is Jerusalem, and it is in shadow, prefi

Midnight Hummingbird Muscle Top - CAPPED PRESALE ($60AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

This relaxed muscle top is made from a super-soft, comfy tee fabric and features loose arm holes to keep you cool while you go hard.

Galaxy Supernova Ninja Spikes – LIMITED ($110AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

You've passed all the tests, defeated many foes. You are a shadow, a part of the night, darkness itself.are a ninja.