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Why you should create a group of people to guide you through your dating journey.

People use committees for all kinds of things, from organising the school fete to managing a Body Corp.

What you can do when your teenagers are revolting.

ix years ago I made the decision to leave my marriage of 17 years. I had three children and a part-time job. Here’s some advice to help you navigate through those tough first years from a dog-lover, nature-admirer, hard-worker, laugh-out-louder, wine-drinker, book-reader, in-car-singer, music-appreciator & chocolate-sneaker.

In this post, I outline exactly how I went from a brand new broke business owner to someone who makes 6 figures a year. I share every detail, including the one investment I made in myself that changed the whole game.

What to say and NOT to say to a friend who is getting separated

It’s a crazy roller-coaster, isn’t it? Trouble is, it’s sometimes not easy to know how to help during the low points. We want to be supportive, but sometimes friends throw problems at us .

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Forget New Year's resolutions.  These three habits will simplify your life in 2017.

Forget New Year's resolutions. These three habits will simplify your life in

How to recognise the WRONG guys (and avoid them!)

How to recognise the men you shouldn't date. Dating advice for women after divorce.