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the words would you rather be able to use? and what do you think about them?
Would You Rather Questions for Kids & Icebreaker Questions for Students - Elementary Schools
lego challenge cards with the words build a safari animal on them in black and white
LEGO Challenge Cards
some very cute looking items made to look like alligators with eyes and teeth on them
Crocodile Crafts: 9 Impressive Alligator Craft Ideas for Kids
paper plates are sitting on a wooden table with paint and crafting supplies around them
Cardboard Rainbow Collage
Fire Breathing
a paper plate that has a dog face on it
Secret Life of Pets Max Kids Craft
a plate with handprints on it that says daddy's grilling plate
father's day card with watermelon slices cut out
Father’s Day Watermelon Card with Printable Template
a card that says, you're turtle - y awesome father's day turtle card
DIY Father’s Day Turtle Card with Printable Template
Father’s Day is coming up and while it can be difficult to figure out what colour of tie to get for Dad for Father’s Day, a hand made card is always going to be a hit. This DIY Father’s Day Turtle Card is the perfect way to show Dad that he is TURTLE-LY AWESOME!