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Mail - Colleen Hoke - Outlook

I'm not reposting this because "One girl didn't and her mom died 1 year later" I'm reposting this because I actually LOVE my mom.>>>I love my mom and always will

Repost or you don't have a heart<<< Stop with the "or you don't have a heart". There's a lot worse people out there that repost this and are heartless.

I know all of you have a heart. Even the ones that don't repost. Please everyone just pray for ppl with cancer because it's honestly so sad. Please repost, but if you don't you still have a real heart. EVERYONE has a real heart.

I so will...I'll do whatever it takes to help them...Even if it means rushing to their side ...

Got a suicide not texted to me from one if my dearest friends and told the police and got the message that's she's ok and is safe in the hospital rn god really does answer always help ur friends in need<<<You go person! BTW I didn't type that.