Short back & sides

Modern Hair Styling for Men, c. - "If your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong." So it's men?

Good wife's guide hahaha

The Good Wife's Guide - Housekeeping Monthly May 1955 - Boy how things have changed! This would be funny to read at an engagement party or wedding shower!

Lollies mmmmm

Lollies mmmmm



Old 50's TV

Old 50's TV

Fun times

England: walking tall in Battersea (I remember walls/fences like this - but in Ruislip, Middlesex)

Typing classroom

Each desk has a typewriter and textbook "New Intensive Typing" in this view of Hollywood High's typing classroom.

Stack of your 45's waiting to play

Now this is a fond childhood memory. We recently got back the one played in my childhood too and I have around 100 45 rpm records too.

A bit before my time

Things of the past - Dingen van vroeger ( Zilverpoets )

Mmmmm yummm

Probably my least favourite lolly but lots of memories!

Cobblers iron shoe tool thingy :D

De Schoenleest/shoe last, back in the days when you could repair your shoe soles.

I remember this in the 60's :)

when we were sick, my mom would rub this on our throat and collar bone area and then safety pin a dish towel around our throat. I don't remember.