If It Were My Home

If It Were My Home is an addicting website which does quick comparisons between countries, giving students a better idea of what it is like to live there.

Watch as the world's cities appear one-by-one, 3700 BC to 2000 AD

6000 Years of Urbanization Visualized

The History of Urbanization from 3700 BC – 2000 AD The data shown in the map comes from a Yale-led study published earlier this month in Scientific Data, which compiled the most comprehensive dataset on historical urban populations to date



World Development Indicators | DataBank

World Development Indicators

Australian Geography Teachers Association AGTA supported by Education Services Australia (ESA)

GeogSpace is an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA). GeogSpace offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography.

EARTH VIEW add on for Google Chrome - a must have!

EARTH VIEW add on for Google Chrome - a must have!

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