Photographs by Bill Henson - Victoria and Albert Museum

My favourite photograph by Bill Henson. You can't grasp how moving it is until you see it in person.

Bill Henson and the Dark Matter of Portraiture

Bill Henson and the Dark Matter of Portraiture

The Dark Sensuality Of Youth In Bill Henson’s Controversial Photography - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

The lights are amazing - this is what we want to achieve if possible from home with the twinkles...

Pic of the Day: Dreamer

Bill Henson - photographer Chiaroscuro in documentary photography, also known as 'Rembrandt lighting' or 'ambient/natural lighting'. When done for the effect it looks artificial.

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The Darkness: Photography by Bill Henson

Bill Henson. 1995-1996 Untitled series

Australian artist Bill Henson is a passionate and visionary explorer of twilight zones, of the ambiguous spaces that exist between day and night, nature and civilization, youth and adulthood, male and female.